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Monday 24 September 2012

Why is the recovery jobless?

For many years now, Quantitative Easing and a focus on (paper-based) Growth have characterised the response to the crisis, leading to some sort of recovery if one simply looks at asset valuation. But this recovery is also jobless and, as such, unstable. Why jobless?

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Monday 13 August 2012

Users of 'free' services should appreciate and never complain… or?

How to value 'users' who are not 'consumers'?

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Sunday 20 May 2012

Is Insider Trading Part of the Fabric?

Bankers are still in the news for malpractice, can they amend themselves?

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Friday 11 May 2012

emprunt de gauche, emprunt de droite...

D'après nos chers traders et autres économistes qui n'ont rien vu venir de la crise, "ça paraît normal qu'un pays ne dépense pas plus que ce qu'il a." Sauf que...

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Saturday 3 March 2012

what wealth redistribution in the future?

Once all jobs are performed by robots, and once capitalism and anti-taxes lobbies made the robot producers rich and all others left with nothing, how will we live?

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Saturday 4 February 2012

Fair competition (in capitalistic economies)

If you want to make the world "fair" then you may fight for a change in taxes... or should you vote to stop excluding the talented-but-poor from education?

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Sunday 14 February 2010

short term profits

Wall St. helped Greece to mask debt... Regulation is blocked in Congress... and the population want services for free. Where do you start a reform?

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Thursday 17 December 2009

I kept adding comments to the two entries below

You might want to read them... even if you read the entries in November.

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Saturday 28 November 2009


Governments pledged financial reform. Where is it?

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Saturday 7 November 2009

year end approaching: bonus time?

The (now) Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments has published a "position paper" on the core principles for a bonus policy.

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Tuesday 15 September 2009

G20 - Part VIII: a cap on compensation?

In spite of the outrage, limiting compensation for bankers will be hard. The question is: on which ground do you select the population having compensation cap vs. the population not having them? This is not just a pedantic question.

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Sunday 13 September 2009

G20 - Part VII: reforming capital requirements

Increasing the capital requirements for banks seems a good idea and is favoured by both the U.S. and the U.K. It might be laughable, given "Basel II" is not applied hence previous improvements to capital rules have not been reality-checked yet. The main worry though simply comes from the fact that changing the rules is riskier than it seems.

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Thursday 4 June 2009

European policies

Tú eliges. Te dönthetsz. À vous de choisir. It's your choice.

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Tuesday 19 May 2009

"20 propositions pour réformer le capitalisme" (partie II)

Vive la suite du débat !

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Friday 24 April 2009

"20 propositions pour réformer le capitalisme" (partie I)

Vive le débat !

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Wednesday 15 April 2009

Les ventes à découvert et leur caricature

ou petit rappel sur la valeur d'usage des investissements

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Thursday 19 March 2009

G20 summit - Part VI (the next accounting scandal is on us)

A crisis does not stop existing because you stop reporting it...

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Wednesday 18 March 2009

G20 summit - Part V

The next summit is planned to propose regulatory lessons from the crisis. Ideas took some time to appear in the open, however two recent reports in Europe might constitute a base for future discussion.

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Wednesday 4 March 2009

sommet du G20 - partie IV

Réglementation saine? Plus de réglementation? Réforme des institutions? Le G20 a un problème sérieux: redonner confiance aux marchés par un changement de lois, quand les lois n'ont pas rempli leur rôle.

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Tuesday 3 March 2009

pot pourri

Valuing banks and employees of the financial sector.

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